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TL Smoothers

TL Smoothers are a way to address the Salmon skin effect. You do not need TL Smoothers to use your printer, they are used to improve the prints so you can try the printer first and if you experience this Salmon Skin issue go ahead install the TL Smoothers. You can purchase them from many different places including Amazon.

Watch this brilliant video from Rui Cabral:

How to get rid of Salmon skin for ever

In summary, you need to add 8 diode smoothers, the simplest way to add them is inline inside the control box.

If you look carefully below the connectors they are marked with the X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis and e0 (the extruder).

If you add the TL Smoothers you will most likely want to adjust the stepper voltage. Follow this video to make those adjustments. Be careful as this requires you to open the control box.

When adjusting stepper drivers, disconnect the stepper motor for the axis you are adjusting. If possible use a non-conductive mini screw driver to reduce the chance of accidental electrical damage. You will need a cross-head/philips screwdriver

Nerys shows how to make the necessary adjustments

You can also take a look at this video to see more about the smoothers and how they work:

Y-axis layer shift analysis

If you are experiencing layer shift it may be due to your Vref adjustment (see the videos above). You may need to adjust them to ensure that the motors are getting the correct voltage.

You should also check your acceleration and jerk settings. It may be beneficial to decrease your acceleration to 800-1250 and your jerk around 8 YMMV. Cura defaults to a crazy acceleration of 5000 EEK!

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