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Printing Surfaces

The Tevo Tornado comes with a printing surface it's either red or green. There is usually one fitted to the heat bed with a test print on it and a spare in the box. These print surfaces work well and have good adhesion however, they are prone to blistering. This causes the surface to become unusable. Many people have used other print surfaces such as:


If you carefully remove the factory supplied print surface, you will find black glass underneath. This glass makes a good printing surface. You can cover it in blue painter's tape or just use a glue stick. I have found the Elmer's school glue stick works best, it makes removal of the part easy and can be cleaned off with Goo Gone. - If you are outside the USA, you may find different but similar products to do the same thing.

Many people have purchased mirror tiles from their local hardware store and had good results printing on that surface. It may provide a good alternative to printing directly on the black glass. Bear in mind that everything you add to your bed will add weight. You may want to ensure that your acceleration and jerk settings are not too high.

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