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Getting Started

Rui Cabral made a great a video on getting the printer setup

Many people have reported issues trying to print from the supplied SD card. The card that they provide is a cheap and unreliable card. You should purchase a name brand SD card or use a known good one, it will save you a lot of headaches later on.

After unboxing your printer, make sure that all of the components are included and that nothing has been damaged in shipping.

The main suspects tend to be the Y motor bracket and the Y carriage.

Y Carriage

It is a good idea to check the Y carriage wheels before attaching the Z gantry to the frame. The carriage should roll smoothly back and forth, without much effort.

Adjusting V slot wheels

Also inspect the belts and pulleys to make sure that the pulleys are in a straight alignment with each other. If the pulleys are misaligned the belts can wear prematurely.

Also, before assembling make sure the carriage is flat and that none of the corners where the bed attachment points are bent.

Y motor bracket

The Y motor bracket can be bent during shipment/removal from packaging. This can cause unneeded wear on the belt, noise, and possibly even failure to hit the Y end stop.

Users have simply bent the bracket back to 90degrees in most cases. You can also use a zip tie to keep it secure.

Attaching the bed

Attach the bed using the 4 allen screws, springs and thumb knobs. Tighten the bed down so that the bottom of the screws do not drag on the front or rear of the frame while sliding the bed from the front back. Run the bolt through the top of the bed and then sandwich the spring in between the bed and the Y carriage. Finally thread the screw into the thumb knob.

Users have designed enlarged knobs that the existing thumb knobs press into. This allows the bed to leveled easier. Take a look at the Things to print page.

Attaching the Z gantry

Attach the bottom assembly to the Z gantry with the 4 M5 bolts and lock washers. Verify the gantry is square to the bottom.

Install the two T shaped braces on either side of the printer. The T bracket with the Z end stop will be installed on left upright (while looking at the printer from the front). It helps to start the nuts onto the screws and slide the whole assembly into the slots before tightening it all together.

Verify again that the gantry is squared to the frame.

Extruder setup

Inspect X axis

Make sure the pulleys are properly aligned with each other. If they aren't you can have premature wear on the belt.

Make sure the belt is tight and not loose.

Make sure that the brackets that attach the X axis to the Z axis are in alignment, If they are off it can cause your X axis to be lower on one side and cause great difficulty in bed leveling.

Also verify the V slot wheels are adjusted properly

Hot end

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