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Trouble Shooting

This site covers the most common printing issues:

Print quality trouble shooting guide by Simplify3D software - this is not slicer specific.

Z Rod Adjustment

Extruder Setup

Stepper Motor Testing

Filament Wiper

It's a good idea to print and install a filament filter/wiper - It's a small box with a sponge inside that just wipes the dust off the filament. You can find several designs on Thingiverse

Control Box Fans

If you need to install new fans (you probably will) this information might be useful;

Fan color codes

A control box replacement fan that works.

Clogged Nozzles

To clean the nozzle you can use several methods.

A Cold Pull will help to clear a clogged nozzle.

You can remove your nozzle and try to clean it.

Or you can simply replace the nozzle.

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